TST Seilgeräte Tröstl GmbH

Hammerstraße 9
3184 Türnitz
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  • Begagnade maskiner
  • Ny utrustning
  • Reparation
  • Reservdelar
  • Extrautrustning
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Representerade märken

  • TST 60 H Harvesterkopf
  • TST 400
  • TST 800
  • TST Laufwägen
  • TST Mountain Harvester


TST Seilgeräte Tröstl is a family-run company based in Türnitz, in the most densely wooded district of Austria. Cable cranes have been designed, built and successfully sold since 1996.

Our activities and our business dealings are characterized by quality considerations. Our machines are robust, user friendly and very service-friendly. We continuously develop and improve our products

The world is our market – we wish to take advantage of existing market potential. Our business partners grow with us convincingly.

Företagets produkter

  • TST 8004t hydrostatically driven inclusive loading crane processor, very efficient machine large dimens timber.
    carriage automatically returns to the previous loading zone or to any other location
  • TST 400 2t 550m skyline
    3- point mounted yarder for tractor
    uphill and downhill or
    uphill logging only. yarder is hydrostatically driven.
  • TST 60H Grapple Processor / Harvester
    features a unique one-grip feeding system
    maximum feeding grip
    This harvesting head works in harmony with all harvester bases
    and most of the measuring systems

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    • cable logging skylining
    • Seilkran Seilbahn
    • grapple processor
    • tower yarder carriage
    • Gebirgsharvester
    • harvester head
    • Prozessorkopf
    • Harvester Harvesteraggregat
    • Laufwagen Seilgerät
    • Traktorseilgerät

    Detta är företagssidan för TST Seilgeräte Tröstl GmbH placerat i Österrike, Niederösterreich, Türnitz.

    Företaget erbjuder följande tjänster: begagnade maskiner, ny utrustning, reparation, reservdelar, extrautrustning och utbildning.

    TST Seilgeräte Tröstl GmbH representerar: TST 60 H Harvesterkopf, TST 400, TST 800, TST Laufwägen, TST Mountain Harvester.

    Företaget är specialiserat på cable logging skylining, Seilkran Seilbahn, grapple processor, tower yarder carriage, Gebirgsharvester, harvester head, Prozessorkopf, Harvester Harvesteraggregat, Laufwagen Seilgerät, Traktorseilgerät.