Peterbilt 350 Truck

Pris exklusive moms
618 965 SEK
Märke / modellPeterbilt 350 Truck
Mätarställning1 km
Mascus ID32269F23
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Pris exklusive moms618 965 SEK
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Motoreffekt312 kW (424 hk)
Storlek på framdäck11R24.5
Storlek på bakdäck11R24.5
Annan informationFahrzeugstandort: Bovenden, Standheizung, Blatt-Luft-Federung, Radstand: 6000 mm Aufbau: Cat 3406B 425 HP Cat-Motor, Peterbilt Motors Company is an American manufacturer of medium- and heavy-duty trucks, founded in 1939. T. A. Peterman, the founder, was rebuilding surplus army trucks, improving the technology with each successive vehicle. Then he put a battery on the starter (instead of the crank) and soon purchased the assets of Fageol Motors of Oakland, California in 1938 to supplement his need for a custom built logging truck chassis. Fageol had gone into receivership in 1932. By 1938, the Great Depression had driven the value of the assets to nearly zero. Peterman acquired the defunct truck manufacturer and although he produced two chain-drive logging trucks, they were unsuccessful. In 1939 he began selling his trucks to the public. T. A. Peterman died in 1945. His wife, Ida, sold the company to seven individuals within the organization. They expanded it into a major producer of heavy-duty trucks. In 1958, Ida Peterman announced plans to sell the land to develop a shopping centre. The shareholders, not wanting to invest in a new manufacturing facility, sold the company to Pacific Car & Foundry Co., then primarily a manufacturer of railroad freight cars, which was looking to expand its truck manufacturing presence. Pacific Car & Foundry Co, which had acquired the assets of Kenworth in 1944, was already a competitor in the heavy truck market. In June, 1958, they acquired Peterbilt Motors as a wholly owned subsidiary. This Truck underwent a restoration that took over four and half years to complete. The cab, hood and bumpers were removed from original frame and the original frame was replaced with a frame from a 1993 Peterbilt. The cab and bumpers were professionally prepped for paint. The original hood was replaced by a new custom built aluminium hood that was extended an additional 3-1/2 inches. The engine has been professionally rebuilt with all new Cat parts (with documentation). Complete fuel system overhaul with rebuilt injection pumps and new injectors. Completely new exhaust system with Dynaflex 6” stacks and all new mounts and brackets. The rear suspension is Peterbilt Low Air Leaf with all new bushings and new air bags and fitted with all new brakes and brake drums, as well as all new shock absorbers. The interior of the cab has all new upholstery and a rubber floor mat including a new wide driver's seat. All new windshields, side windows and vent windows. Electrical system and wiring has been updated with all new headlights, spotlights, turn signals and marker lights. The truck sits on 10 Peterbilt Aluminium wheels with steer and outer drive and 10 new Virgin Dunlop tires. All chrome trim items have been either replated or replaced with new items. Custom built overhead console with an AM/FM CD player with built in controls for hidden Sirius satellite radio (including with antenna) and diamond plate full rear bumpers. Absolutely no expense has been spared in getting this truck back to all its former glory.Fahrzeug ist bereits verzollt in der EU,EU-Zulassung,wurde sehr aufwendig in den USA für ca.100.000 $ restauriert,SHOW CONDITION!!! ZUBEHÖRANGABEN OHNE GEWÄHR, Änderungen, Zwischenverkauf und Irrtümer vorbehalten! - powered by two S

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På Mascus Sverige finner du Peterbilt -350-truck dragbilar. Priset för denna Peterbilt -350-truck är 618 965 kr och den tillverkades 1953. Maskinen finns i - Tyskland. På hittar du Peterbilt -350-truck och många fler modeller av dragbilar. Detaljer - Lagerid: 900310, Mätarställning: 1 km, Motoreffekt: 312 kW (424 hk), Växellåda: Mechanisch, Hjulbas: 6000, Storlek på framdäck: 11R24.5, Storlek på bakdäck: 11R24.5, Färg: Blau