Spierings Kranen B.V.

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5347 KZ Oss
(Region: Noord-Brabant)
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Over the past 24 years, Spierings Mobile Cranes has grown into market leader in the field of mobile folding cranes. An international company: over 700 cranes found their way in Europe and Canada. Our customers are enthusiastic, not just because Spierings supplies a top-class product, but also thanks to the excellent after sales. Development, production and service are carried out in the modern factory in Oss. In England and Switzerland Spierings Mobile Cranes has its own service department.

The cranes are chiefly purchased by crane rental and construction companies. There are a lot of orders in hand. At this moment, Spierings Mobile Cranes has a work force of more than 150 employees.

Back in the seventies and eighties, construction companies thought that tower cranes ran more efficiently, but lacked mobility and capacity. This made Spierings Mobile Cranes take up the challenge to develop a user-friendly, mobile tower crane on a specially designed compact carrier. Furthermore, this crane should have a capacity to be rigged up and down approx. 15,000 times without excessive wear to hinges, bearings and rigging mechanism.
Due to this new development, the crane users were offered a crane, as mobile as the conventional telescope cranes and as efficiently running as a tower crane. The name of this new type of crane is folding crane, as the Spierings crane has a folding jib contrary to the telescope boom of conventional mobile cranes.
Apart from the many special features, the Spierings crane has a hydraulic system that, linked to the computer system, enables a fully automatic rigging up and down of the crane.

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