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From Engström to Equipment

AB Carl Engström, CAT-dealer 1937
Nilsson Maskin AB, CAT-dealer 1947
Engström & Nilsson Maskin AB, Incentive 1967
Engström & Nilsson Maskin AB, Geveke 1992
Engson Maskin AB, name swap 1994
Engson + Pay & Brinck, Geveke Nordic CE 1994
Nordic Split Engson / Pay & Brinck, Pon buys Geveke 2003
Pon Equipment, Rebranding ”The Next Generation” 2004

Pon History
•Established in 1898 as a Dutch family-owned trading company.
•During the 1920’s and 1930’s Pon became importer for Opel, Continental, 1947 for VW, 1947 for Audi and 1949 for Porsche.
•> 10.000 employees at > 250 branches in 11 different countries.
•Turnover: > € 6.5 billion
•The largest privately owned company in the Netherlands - Pon Holdings: Automotive and Pon Equipment & Power Systems (PEPS).
•In 2003 Pon acquired all Caterpillar dealers in the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Pon Equipment AB and Pon Power AB are the exclusive dealers of Caterpillar products in Sweden.
§ Pon Equipment AB, approx. 335 employees
§ Turnover 2007 Pon Equipment AB: SEK 1,11 billion
§ Pon Power AB, approx. 35 employees
§ Turnover 2007 Pon Power AB: SEK 182 million

Pon Equipment business segments
Industry, General Construction & Core, Paving, Mining, Customer Service

This is Caterpillar
Founded by Daniel Best and Benjamin Holt 1925
Head Quarter in Peoria, Illinois, USA
Approx. 182 dealers in 158 countries, 106 plants included all over the world
38 dealers in Europe, approx. 11,670 employees in 455 branches

HQ EAME in Geneva with approx. 600 employees §Turn over 2006: approx. $ 41 billion
Result 2006: approx $ 3,5 billion
Employees 2006: approx. 95 000
Investments approx. 19 million SEK / day in R&D

Visit our website: www.pon-cat.com

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