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BETONBLOCK is the market leader for concrete block molds with more than 3000 customers in 35 countries worldwide.

What if you could easily change a concrete structure when necessary? That offers concrete opportunities that are not feasible with poured concrete. The steel molds of BETONBLOCK® produce a simple repositionable stack system with unlimited expansion possibilities.

With the molds – accurately engineered and available in various types and sizes - one easily manufactures stackable concrete blocks. Studs on the top, recesses in the base of the block and its own weight ensure that the blocks firmly interlock to each other without the need for bonding material. With this unique flexible way of building you can easily extend or customize any construction, at any time.

The blocks can be used for temporary as well as permanent construction solutions, and are ideally suited for dividing walls, retaining walls, fire walls etc. in, for example, the handling, recycling and agricultural sector, but also infrastructure and (road)construction companies have learned how convenient the blocks are. The blocks also lend itself perfectly for the construction of warehouses and outbuildings. This, of course, demands more stringent requirements to the concrete quality.

The molds are made of high-strength low-alloy structural steel and a powder coating finish gives the paint improved durability. Since the first generation of steel molds 20 years ago, the innovation of design and workability has been ongoing, making the BETONBLOCK® system the fastest-growing in the marketplace today with more than 3000 customers in 35 countries worldwide.

A close cooperation with customers has resulted in an extensive and increasing variety of available shapes and sizes, and the use of form-liners allows more aesthetically pleasing wall-structures. One mold is sufficient for creating different types of blocks. In addition, partition plates make it easy to cast half, quarter or one-third blocks, or even angles, and staircase models or models with rounded corners yet create other possibilities. Where possible, are all current models are equipped with a new opening system, making them easy to open by hand without the need for extra force.

To facilitate efficiency and cost effectiveness at building sites, BETONBLOCK® has developed a suite of accessories to simplify reconstruction or transportation of the blocks. Block clamps, the block turner and the rotator easily navigate any type of block in the correct position, while concrete plates are moved with a special lift and turn mechanism.

Return On Investment
BETONBLOCK® steel molds are a good investment that creates an additional revenue stream:
- Cost-saving thanks to reduction of residual waste and disposal costs
- Extra income thanks to production of a useful and saleable by-product
- Easy to use, efficient

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  • With BETONBLOCK® molds one easily manufactures stackable concrete blocks that firmly interlock without bonding material. You can easily extend or customize any construction, at any time.

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