Bathso Maskin AB

Åsbovägen 205

284 92 Perstorp
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Bathso Maskin AB's main area of business is the sale of second hand construction equipment. The company is located in Perstorp in the south of Sweden.

Bathso Maskin AB has a great deal of experience. The company was established in 1968 by, among others, Thorkild Seerup Olesen. Today the company is run by Jens Olesen.
The company has seven employees. Five of them work in the office and two as mechanics.
The customers are both private people and businesses. A great deal of the sale is export.
Bathso Maskin AB is situated in Häljalt on road 108 between Perstorp and Örkelljunga, Skåne, south Sweden.

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      Detta är företagssidan för Bathso Maskin AB placerat i Sverige, Skåne län, Perstorp.

      Företaget erbjuder följande tjänster: begagnade maskiner, ny utrustning, hyra och reservdelar.

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